I have been blessed in my 60 + years to be healthy, happy and at peace. 
My fortunes include a great family and a company, which includes loyal 
employees, quality manufacturers and wonderful customers. 

My family’s mission has always been to give more than you receive. My decision has been made to give to those less fortunate. My purpose has been to build relationships and always put the needs of my associates first. Yes, my heart has told me to:

               Spend Less - Free my resources for things that really matter.

               Give More - Of your presence: your hands, your words, your time and your heart.

               Love All - The poor, the forgotten, the underprivileged, the sick; in ways that make a difference.


I am partnering with Living Water International to help change the world. For all purchases made through Stolzberg Associates in Lighting, a portion of all earnings will be donated to them.

Living Water International - the digging of wells for poor or remote communities in which people die regularly from the lack of clean water.

Our world continues to be increasingly impersonal, we call, we email, we text, we Facebook and we Tweet. The list goes on. The above are important ways to stay in touch, but nothing can replace the gift of personal, face to face relationships. This is my way to get involved and to give back. I trust you understand my purpose, so please support our efforts. 

We welcome your thoughts or questions and I hope you can experience the pleasant feeling that comes along with giving.     - Bob Stolzberg